What is sd-wan? Why you need SD-WAN?

The Networking Challenges Facing Modern Workers & IT Leaders Now

With more of us embracing remote working – from home, cafes and other locations – and with others in our families and in the local area streaming video and gaming data at the same time, UK broadband and mobile remote connectivity often delivers an unreliable, poor quality experience.

What’s BEC’s Take?

SD-WAN is a crucial technology that successful businesses need to invest in to make the Modern Workplace work.

Our clients have identified 3 core issues:

Unpredictable bandwidth capacity – which can vary hourly, depending how many people are in your house, your street and your area, all accessing the network at the same time

Latency – home broadband networks are reliant on copper telephone wires that simply cannot deliver data at the high speed we have come to expect today

Packet loss and jitter – causing significant experience impacts – especially for voice and video –  resulting in a poor customer experience while reducing productivity at an enterprise level

There is an urgent need to invest in the right networking technology, right now, to deliver:

Better network speed

More reliable network connectivity

Increased business productivity

Network optimisation, prioritising types of business traffic

Addressing Core Network Challenges: SD-WAN

A simple fix to addressing these issues may be to adopt Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) to deliver more secure, robust and optimised network connectivity. SD-WAN is a compelling innovation for enterprises that require remote access for mission-critical jobs, or to offer more agile and flexible data network services across the global organisation.

of enterprises worldwide will have implemented SD-WAN by 2023

What is SD-WAN?

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a critical new technology, developed to address reliability, latency, security and performance challenges in global, regional and home office networks.

With SD-WAN, organisations can achieve higher performance and lower latency connection to enhance the home and remote working experience, deliver better customer outcomes and increase network agility. SD-WAN also optimises connectivity to public cloud and SaaS applications, and offers additional security to prevent attacks that can lead to sensitive data loss and reputational damage.


3 Reasons Why You Need SD-WAN

1. Robust video & voice quality for your customers & colleagues

Live webinars, team calls, customer support – video and VOIP calls are now part of the normal working day. However, the demand can overload your network, causing lags and connectivity issues which result in decreased productivity and dissatisfaction. Optimising the way your network prioritises sensitive application traffic across all available network connectivity is critical for enterprise grade video and voice quality.

2. Cost effective connectivity

Outside of video calls, the increase in remote work has increased pressure on overall network bandwidth, but adding bandwidth can be expensive, and is often not even an an available option. SD-WAN is attractive because it can improve user experience over the existing network link – and remaining cost-effective.

3. Centrally optimised networks

Once you’ve addressed your local network quality and performance issues, you also need to ensure that your IT team has the resources needed to build and manage flexible networks from site-to-site, user-to-user and cloud-to-cloud. SD-WAN is a critical layer for network management because it provides full visibility into what’s happening to all of your applications, across the whole network.

How to Get Started With SD-WAN

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