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The Shift from in Store to Online

Customer behaviour was already on a journey to a new digital future which has rapidly accelerated due to the impact of coronavirus. Consumers are gaining confidence and embracing digital channels for banking, services and shopping as opposed to in-store purchases. Coupled with contact centre staff quickly adapting to remote work, customer service has suddenly become a key differentiator and a top priority.

What’s BEC’s Take?

Today’s customer experience needs to be memorable to differentiate it from every other experience. Here at Behind Every Cloud, we believe the contact centre in the post-pandemic era must reimagine and reform customer services through digital excellence, safe and contactless engagement combined with exceptional voice services.

68% of customer service managers have seen an increase in customer expectations since February 2020

400% increase in calls for services since the start of UK crisis

The Solution

Customer service is no longer just a call centre. Successful businesses will need to offer compelling, high-quality and positive customer experiences capable of building long-term relationships. Leading contact centre operations will offer a new type of customer experience that will be better for consumers while offering greater value for businesses.

The modern contact centre needs to consider customer experience technologies that:

• Offer a frictionless, enhanced customer experience
• Deliver exceptional call quality
• Provide an increased range of customer contact channels
• Achieve stronger Regulatory Compliance (eg:PCI)
Improve CSAT/NPS scores


Meet the Expectations of the New Consumer

Consumers are complicated. They use a combination of options – chat, text, phone, web and more when it comes to customer service. And they want to use the channel of their choice, when they want, 24×7.

An omnichannel contact centre addresses these issues. It offers a way to deliver an effortless customer service by addressing customer needs on their schedule, and preferred platform, so your customers enjoy the same experience, regardless of device or channel.

Why Choose an Omnichannel Contact Centre?

The ability to seamlessly integrate all your channels, from voice, email, live chat, SMS, video and social channels together creates a consistent customer experience that generates customer advocacy while boosting operational efficiencies. Your customers enjoy a rich, consistent and integrated experience across their channels of choice. And you demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

Engage More Customers Quickly

Adding web chat tools to your customer service experience is a cost effective, intuitive digital channel to increase agent efficiency and engage more customers. It can also reduce call queues, average handle time, and call volumes, while giving customers choices and potentially faster answers for certain types of queries. And if the query can’t be answered, you can route Webchat requests straight from your website directly to the appropriately-skilled agent.

Visual Engagement: Create Compelling Customer Experiences

Video is the fastest-growing channel for customer service. The ability to engage visually through video chat and offer screen sharing can elevate your customer experience to new levels.

It’s Time to Talk

Voice calls will still be an important channel in the contact centre. To offer the best customer experience, contact centres will look to a more personalised approach to call handling. To deliver a positive, memorable customer experience, the modern contact centre will need to turn to solutions that can leverage your CRM customer data, and intelligently connect calls to the best available agent through skills-based or case-owner routing, to shorten wait times and offer a seamless and consistent customer experience. Call quality of course, remains imperative. Businesses need to deliver exceptionally clear voice quality, while remaining cost effective. By using solutions that leverage the local telephony infrastructure — regardless of where the caller and agent reside, you can keep voice traffic local to reduce call charges, reduce wait time and boost the customer experience.

A Compliant Approach

Ensure your contact centre solution can take PCI compliant payments, process agentless card payments over the phone while keeping your customers’ details safe, and their experience effortless.

Why Adopt Video?

Reduce average handle time

Expedite first contact resolution

Lower the cost to serve

Reduce the need for travel

Build trust and engagement

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