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Collaboration Concerns for Your Colleagues and Your Customers

The recent pandemic has created a new working environment. This blending of home and work life – where network connectivity is often poor, and our applications are not designed for remote working – is putting pressure on productivity, employee satisfaction and customer service levels.

What’s BEC’s Take?

It’s highly likely we will never again see every employee in our company back in the office. We need to find ways of supporting colleagues to work better together from any location, as well as new ways to deliver high quality customer interactions and support. The ramifications of this change are far likely to be reaching, and as yet they are not fully understood. Behind Every Cloud CEO, Ray Bricknell, highlights the key concerns faced by many organisations.

As the use of video calls and conferencing rises, and the demand for team collaboration tools accessible from any location using any device increases, we have identified 3 core areas of concern:

Unpredictable bandwidth capacity – which can vary hourly, depending how many people are in your house, your street and your area, all accessing the network at the same time

Latency – home broadband networks are reliant on copper telephone wires that simply cannot deliver data at the high speed we have come to expect today

Unreliable communications platform – causing significant content delivery delays, resulting in a poor customer experience while reducing productivity at an enterprise level

The Collaborative Workplace

By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month.

62% of remote workers want employers to provide better technology that helps them stay connected with their colleagues.

The Solution

Successful businesses will have to rapidly adapt to find new ways to collaborate. Video calling and screen sharing are fast becoming the default standard for group and even one-on-one communications with both internal teams and external stakeholders. There is an urgent need to invest in the right collaboration, voice and video solutions, right now, to:

• Increase business productivity
• Improve staff collaboration
• Improve user experience
• Optimise your network

The right collaboration tools can boost productivity and while driving agility and the performance of teams. Yet with colleagues working from anywhere, on a range of devices, keeping your business and customers securely connected is critical.


The Benefits Of UCaaS


One app for messaging that enables one-button escalation to voice or video calls

Unlimited usage on-net and in-country

PSTN replacement and emergency dialling in multiple countries



Video conferencing from any device

Secure meetings with end to end encryption

Specialised platforms for events and training


One app to launch the features you need

Centralised message rooms

File sharing, screen capture, and whiteboards

How to Get Started with Collaboration

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