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Blurring Boundaries: The New Network Security Challenge

The days where all employees worked on site, securely accessing secure applications on the network from the secure device you provided – are a thing of the past. As the number of remote workers increases, the perimeter of the corporate network has rapidly extended and many Security and Risk Management Leaders are seeing their IT security boundaries pushed right to the edge.

What’s BEC’s Take?

With more of us at home, using a variety of shared and BYO devices to access the corporate network, the number of entry points for viruses, hackers and ransomware increases. Many organisations are experiencing an ever increasing blurring of their security boundaries.

As the modern workplace develops, organisations will be forced to rethink how network traffic and user access are securely managed. We have identified 3 key vulnerabilities:

Increased number of entry points – as users access the network from multiple locations over insecure internet connections

Device security – the increasing use of different, unsecured and sometimes shared devices to access the corporate network

Data protection – how to secure every single device accessing the network in order to protect corporate information from potential security breaches

Strengthening Network Security: SASE


enterprises will have strategies to adopt SASE by 2024

The Solution

Gartner group has defined a framework of technologies to address all of these concerns that is called Secure Access Service Edge (SASE, pronounced “sassy”).

It is expected that in due course, SASE solutions will provide one, simple combined service for all of the required network and security elements needed to access cloud based environments. A SASE architecture identifies users and devices, applies policy-based security, and delivers secure access to the appropriate application or data. This approach allows organisations to apply secure access no matter where their users, applications or devices are located.


Why Your Business Needs SASE

Reduced complexity – Simplify your IT infrastructure by minimising the number of security products your IT team has to manage, update and maintain

Flexibility –   Easily implement and deliver security services such as threat prevention, web filtering, sandboxing, DNS security, data loss prevention and hybrid next-gen firewalls

Cost savings – Streamline IT resources and costs with a single platform, integrated with best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies

Increased performance – Offer users secure, instant access to apps, the internet and company data wherever they are

Threat prevention – Gain greater visibility into your network with a centralised view of all activity

How to Get Started with SASE & Network Security

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