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How to Build the Contact Centre of Tomorrow

Faced with operational challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak and working from home, contact centres have had to react fast to support their teams. Delivering positive customer experiences remains the top priority, however the future of customer services revolves around the customer services agent experience too.

The employee experience has a massive impact on the customer experience.

Here at Behind Every Cloud, we recognise that the contact centre of tomorrow needs to be people-centric, focused on both the customer and the employee, working with technologies that support the agent experience throughout the entire process to deliver the best customer outcomes.

56% of contact centre staff have to toggle between multiple screens to do their jobs

The Solution: The Modern Contact Centre

In an environment where employee retention is typically high, Contact Centre leaders will need to look towards innovative technologies in conversational AI, and machine-learning on hyperscale cloud-platforms to drive motivated and productive employees. The modern contact centre needs to consider employee experience technologies that offer:

• Exceptional call quality
• Improved agent experience – access to what they need, when
• Stronger regulatory compliance
• Greater employee motivation
• Reduced cost to serve


Deliver a Better Agent Experience

Innovative contact centre technologies support customer service leaders to leverage in-call monitoring and identify key areas to further mentor contact centre team to success.

Keep your team engaged with the right features to elevate the contact centre experience:

• Click-to-dial
• Screen pops
• Automatic call logging
• Recording
• Drop into inbound or outbound calls in progress from CRM
• Review and pause call recordings
• Whisper mode for on-the-spot coaching
• Real-time training and mentoring
• Track effort and reward employees through fun, game type elements

The Benefits of CCaaS

Omnichannel: Right data, Right time, Right place

As customers typically use different channels to contact your organisation, it can be a challenge to access the right customer data as agents have to switch between multiple screens and disparate systems. Adopting an omnichannel interface, offers the ability to seamlessly integrate all your channels, from voice, email, chat, SMS, video and social channels together, boosting operational efficiencies while creating a consistent customer experience

Webchat to Support Agent Efficiency

Adding web chat tools is a cost effective, intuitive digital channel to increase agent efficiency. It can reduce call queues, average handle time, and call volumes, while giving customers choices and potentially faster answers for certain types of queries. Webchat requests can also go straight from your website to the appropriately skilled agent, giving them a transcript of the conversation before the accept a call or live chat request.

Unlock Hidden Insights with Analytics

Access to key insights and analytics from with your call centre solution enables customer service leaders to dive deeper into customer conversations and identify relevant conversations for best practice and compliance. Findings can be used to support agents better understand conversations as well as instantly identifying insights and trends, while easily assessing your team’s compliance and product knowledge.

Deliver Outstanding Service

Maximise both agent productivity and customer service levels with contact centre technologies that can help you optimise your workforce resources through scheduling, and forecasting to predict upcoming traffic by using existing rich data to properly staff your team.

It’s Time to Talk

Call quality of course, remains imperative. Businesses need to deliver excellent voice quality, while remaining cost effective. By using solutions that leverage the local telephony infrastructure — regardless of where the caller and agent reside, you can keep voice traffic local to reduce call charges, while o delivering exceptionally clear voice quality.