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What does good look like?

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Giving our UK Financial Services clients straight-talking real world advice about today’s Cloud, IT Services, Software and Comms Vendor landscape.

Creators of the Clover index – the UK’s #1 cloud vendor rating benchmark

What is the Clover index?


… and why should I care?


Clover is the ‘trip advisor’ of the London Cloud Vendor market. Experienced Financial Services specific market vendor database, enhanced with real world customer feedback.

The UK’s FIRST Independent “Referral Only” Cloud Consultancy 

Earning our fees on VALUE alone


Day Rate is DEAD!!


The UK’s FIRST Referral Commission ONLY Consulting firm.

Everything else in the Cloud world is “Pay for Value” – why not market advisory services? Our innovative model aligns client & consultant goals completely.

The Clover Shortlisting Portal


Where the magic happens…

BEC Independent Referral Consultant Access Only.

This is where our trained and experienced Independent Referral Consultants go to access a range of exclusive and highly advanced tools and systems to help them shortlist suitable vendors to meet your needs.

Cloud Clover Interactive Filter


More than 25 regulated UK mid-tier clients including BlueBay Asset Management, Coller Capital, Stone Milliner and Throgmorton have all been very positive about the strategy and vendor pre-qualification work that Behind Evey Cloud has done for them using the vendor due diligence analysis in the CloverTM Cloud Vendor Rating engine.

Book Launch

BEC MD and Founder of the Clover index, Ray Bricknell has joined forces with industry heavy weights Dan Scarfe, Sean Morris and Frank Bennett to contribute to the “Ask the Smart Questions” series of books with an informative and challenging read entitled “Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model?”


As the leading specialist Cloud consultants to the mid-tier UK Financial Services market, we are thought leaders who are guiding “best practice” in FCA compliance and due diligence, and demanding more from the Cloud vendor community. Find out what we have had to say in the press on topics including IT outsourcing risk, hybrid cloud and vendor selection.

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