A ‘TripAdvisor’ for your cloud journey…

Outsourcing IT properly for an FCA-regulated firm requires an extremely high level of specialised expertise. There are so many factors to consider it can make your head spin.

The FCA Handbook mandates that every conceivable operational risk must be assessed, mitigated, audited and monitored. FCA Cloud Guideline 16-5 conveys more specific considerations. C-level and potential investors expect best practice, high availability, high performance, flexibility, cost reductions and excellent service levels.

Combined with an incredibly noisy, jargon-filled, constantly evolving and confusing cloud vendor landscape, the size of the challenge facing your average chief operating officer in a mid-sized firm begins to become apparent. And getting such a critical decision wrong is undoubtedly career limiting.

Clover: the UK’s number one independent cloud vendor ratings index

In 2010, with the “clouds” building on the horizon, Ray Bricknell was CTO of a $7billion hedge fund. After 30 years building and buying global IT, and five years in alternatives, his COO pointed out that he was uniquely qualified to advise mid-sized London firms who typically don’t have such in-house experience.

So Ray founded Behind Every Cloud, and developed a data capture engine, Clover, that constantly learns about MSP/cloud providers with each new interaction, RFP and market development. Six years on, the Clover index quantitatively analyses more than 60 vendors against 150 commercial, regulatory, operational and technical metrics to report detailed comparative scores – making it the UK’s number one independent cloud vendor ratings index.

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