A key measure for us is the vendor’s capability to deliver and perform – consistently – against what they have said they will do. We are ruthless in our selection – a single poor client experience is usually enough for us to reject them. Another key measure for us is culture which is a combination of their size, location, approach, agility, responsiveness, maturity, specialisation, customer satisfaction and “feel”. It is vital to our own future success that the recommended vendor will be able to work well with our client.

Our goal at Behind Every Cloud is simple: to help our clients select the right partner for their needs. Our philosophy helps us achieve this by matching a client’s culture and technical requirements to a vendor’s culture and ability to execute. We show our client’s “what good looks like” and set the benchmark high for a successful outcome.

We typically help reduce a very crowded marketplace to the best-fit option from our portfolio of 300+ vendors while eliminating poor performers, poor fits, functional inadequacies, and cultural mismatches. We introduce excellence, consistency, and high customer satisfaction.

We get paid for this, of course, but not by our clients. Vendors pay BEC a referral fee for a successful engagement from their channel sales models and marketing budgets, which means there is no cost impact for our services to our clients. We are sometimes asked if this influences who we choose, but the simple answer is that a satisfied client is one who will return to BEC again and again, and an unsatisfied client is simply one who will not.

It turns out that the parties who truly value our core competency the most are those exceptional and innovative but often less well known vendors – the ones who are disrupting the status quo in their specialist field. Their challenge is not in consistently delivering a high-quality product – that is implicit in their uniqueness and innovation.Their challenge is competing with the “mega marketing” budgets and brand awareness of the old school legacy incumbents and being heard over the noise they create.

Most of all THEY need efficient introductions to qualified good-fit client requirements, and then they can do the rest.  Most of our clients also don’t want to spend 6 months and tens of thousands of pounds selecting a provider, however they lack the time to constantly research the market themselves either. They want to know what ‘good’ looks like specifically for them at a given point in time – as quickly, reliably and cost effectively as possible. They want to know who is doing what, well, now, and how to engage with them.

This is where Behind Every Cloud comes in.

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