Web Seminar: User experience in hybrid cloud – What you see is what you get

Agility, elasticity and economies of scale are just a handful of the potential benefits prompting businesses to take a hybrid cloud approach to digital transformation. Delivering on those benefits, however, is far from straightforward, with companies often ill prepared when it comes to managing application performance across an infrastructure that spans both the on-premise data centre and a mix of private, managed and public clouds.

Put simply, visibility of what’s going on across the infrastructure can be greatly reduced as applications migrate further out from the data centre and, while economies of scale may still be realised, this will often be at the cost of an increasingly compromised customer experience.

One of the biggest issues with the hybrid cloud approach is that, by its very nature, it relies on the melding together of a variety of technologies and architectures with competing needs and requirements. The end result is always complex; every implementation is different and few companies start with a clean slate.

Moreover, the majority of businesses are more used to managing their own data centre and private cloud infrastructure than using public cloud services, mostly using low-level tools that deliver a high degree of visibility and control. That simply isn’t possible with managed and public cloud services. Instead providers tend to stop short at high level metrics that, while they may tell you how well applications are performing, do little to predict future performance or head off problems before they impact on the customer experience.

During this web seminar, we look at how companies can ensure a good user experience as they move to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Register to watch the web seminar here: http://www.workcast.com/register?pak=7073174149917257

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