Cloud will change Everything

Behind Every Cloud was founded in 2010 – inspired by the realisation that over the course of the next decade cloud will change everything.

In this overhyped and now – for most business people – extremely confusing market, it was clear that business leaders would need support to demystify the cloud and evaluate what it would mean to them.

To guide their business operations safely through this change they will need CLARITY, CHOICE and CONTROL…

leveraging our vast experience of IT in the Investment Management and Legal Sectors, Behind Every Cloud was born…

“We understand that trust and reputation take a long time to build – and can be destroyed in a second”


We understand that to be a truly trusted advisor we need to retain our independence, our integrity, build on our reputation and keep our knowledge completely up-to-date.

We think enthusiasm should be nurtured.

We know our game better than most but we don’t need to prove it every 2 minutes by bamboozling you with jargon and acronyms.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable, honest, reasonable, fair and fun to work with.

We know that there is seldom only one solution to a problem, and you should always keep one eye on the ‘big picture’

We believe that there is no substitute for experience, and that you never stop learning in life.

We don’t generally like surprises in business, and we know you probably don’t either

We live in a world of specialisation and we believe that savvy managers extract great value from engaging experienced experts at key junctures.

“We’ll make the benefits, costs and risks of cloud more understandable, accessible and relevant to your business”

Core Skills

We understand that the essential role of IT is to support the goals of the business. We’re used to operating at ‘C-Level’ and we can help you clarify what cloud computing can bring to the mix.

We believe that an innovative IT function can truly differentiate your business from your competitors, be more than a cost centre and drive real value to the bottom line.

We know that our REAL job is to ‘translate cloud’ into functional and commercial terms to help you to answer the questions that mean something useful to your business.

Our proven skill and experience can help you evaluate and ‘de-risk’ a potential migration to the cloud.

We’ll help you keep an eye firmly fixed on the long term and strategic ‘big picture’ implications for your business of a move to cloud.

We know WHO is doing WHAT in the marketplace and we offer INDEPENDENT advice and a fast route to goal to connect you to the right vendors to meet your needs.

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